LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 19


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 19



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


If the system in a normal energizing the power indicator lamp will come on. If the 

refrigeration indicator lamp comes on,


the compressor starts working for the refrigeration of 

air conditioning.



— Avoid the temperature control switch 3 is always in the coldest position and the air volume 

and power switch 2 is in the fan low gear (position of ‘L’), in order to prevent the evaporator 

from frosting. 

— Avoid the sun shining directly in summer. 

— Please shut the door and window of cab when using the air conditioning; shut the heat source 

valve when using for refrigeration; shut the temperature control switch for refrigeration when 

using for heating in winner. 

— Clean the condenser periodically using compress air and cold water, but not using hot water 

or steam. 

— Run the compressor once a week when the refrigeration isn’t used in winner for 1min to 

maintain the air conditioning in normal state.   

1.2.10 Adjustment of Cab’s Seat 





z  When adjusting the cab’s seat, park the machine in a safe 

place and stop the engine. 

z  Adjust the cab’s seat before starting operation or replacing 

the operator. 

Make sure that you can depress the brake pedal completely 

when your back is against the seat backrest.



z  Weight Adjustment 

The weight adjustment handle is in the middle of seat bottom. 

Turn the handle A anticlockwise to reduce the damping stiffness 

and turn clockwise to increase the damping stiffness. Rotate the 

damping stiffness adjust handle A by hand according to the 

operator’s weight until feel comfortable.



z  Fore-and-Aft Adjustment 

This handle is on the left bottom side of the seat. Pull the 

fore-and-aft handle B and move the seat forward or backward to the desired position; it will lock 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


automatically after pushing it down.   

z  Backrest Angle Adjustment 

Put the backrest angle adjust handle C upward to pull the backreat until the angle is comfortable. The 

backrest angle is locked when loose the handle. 

z  Height Adjustment 

There are three positions for the height of seat, and the operator can adjust according to the need. 

During adjusting, set the base under the seat by two hands and draw up forcibly and stably. When the 

cracking sound is sounded, please loose your hands, then the seat will fix in this position. Adjust the 

position of seat to the highest position and draw up forcibly, and then press down, the seat will fall to 

the lowest position.



z  Headrest Height Adjustment 

Set the headrest of seat by two hands, and then draw up or press down forcibly to adjust the height of 



1.2.11 Use of Safety Belt (if assembled) 

If the safety belt is assembled on the seat, please tie it when operating the machine. Before using 

safety belt, please check the degree of wear and firm. Replace it if it is necessary. 

Adjust the length of safety belt before using to make sure the safety belt can be used for safety 

guarantee and comfort. Move the position of lock on the safety belt to adjust the length of safety belt. 

The clamper of the safety belt is at the right side of seat, and put the lock into the opening of clamper 

to jam the lock. There is a red button on the side of opening of clamper. Press the button and the lock 

will jump out from the clamper. Before using the safety belt, please check the clamper of safety belt 

whether lock and loose normally.   

1.2.12 Rearview Mirror   

Rearview mirrors are on the left and right sides outside the cab. Before starting work, the rearview 

mirror must angle be adjusted for a good rear. 

1.2.13 Key   

This loader equips two key for every using condition: 

z  The starting switch key for engine. 

z  The key of left and right doors of cab. 

z  The key of left and right doors of engine hood. 

z  The key of left and right otter boards of engine hood. 

z  The key for adding fuel port of fuel box (if mounted). 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



A new machine must have a run-in period first to increase the load step by step from free rotating; so 

that each part of the machine can be have full run-in period for increasing the life of the machine. It 

needs 60 hours to train the new machine, and operate follows: 

z  Run the machine in neutral at low-speed to preheat the engine. 

z  Never accelerate the engine suddenly in the preheating period. 

z  Never start, accelerate, turn or brake suddenly except in an emergency. 

z  When the loader is working without a load, the gearshift should be used from low speed to high 

speed at each level accordingly. Turn left, right or brake steadily in the process of driving. 

z  In the period of run-in, all speeds including forward and reverse should be adjusted. 

z  It is better to load bulk materials in the period of run-in. Do not operate the loader too hard or too 

rudely. The load should be less than 70% of the standard load, and the speed should be better less 

than 70% of the maximum speed limit. 

z  Pay attention to the lubricating condition; routinely add and change the lubricant according to 


z  Pay attention to the temperatures of the gearbox, torque converter, front and rear frame, rim and 

brake drum. Once they are overheating, find the reason and repair it. 

z  Check the fastening conditions of the bolts and nuts. 

Do the following maintenance after 10 hours of run-in time on the new loader: 

z  Check the fastening status of bolts and nuts of all parts, but especially the bolts of diesel engine 

cylinder cover, vent-pipe bolts, front and rear frame bolts, rim bolts, transmission axle bolts and 

connection bolts. 

z  Clean the raw and essential engine oil filter and fuel filter. 

z  Check the tension status of the belts of fan, electrical machine and air condition compressor 

z  Check the capacity of the storage battery electrolyte and its reserves, and fasten the connect 


z  Check the oil level of the gearbox. Please refer to 

3.6.3 Adding Oil to Gearbox

 in this 


z  Check the seal of the hydraulic system and braking system. 

z  Check the connection and sensitivity of all control levers. 

z  Check the temperature and the connections of the circuit system, the power supply of electrical 

machine, gauge, light and lamps and turning signals. 

z  Open the air storage tank to drain water. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


The following maintenance should be done after the run-in period of new machine: 

z  Clean the filter at the bottom of the gearbox and the oil filter cartridge of the torque converter. 

z  Check the oil returning filter cartridge of the hydraulic oil tank. 

z  Change the engine oil. Please refer to 

3.6.1 Fuel Supplying of Engine

 in this chapter. 


3.1 Notices for Usage 

1.  The diesel must be cleaned and deposited more than 72 hours before it is to be used. The 

trademark should suit the rules. 

2.  Transmission oil for the gearbox, torque converter, and the hydraulic oil for hydraulic system 

must be clean. 

3.  The loader must be maintained and lubricated periodically. 

4.  Drive the loader until the brake pressure reaches 0.4MPa after the engine starts. 

5.  Put some hot water or vapor in front of the engine for preheating it. Preheat the engine until 

30℃~40℃ before starting if the environmental temperature is lower than -5 .


6.  There is no need to stop the machine or step on the brake pedal in changing the forward 

levers during driving. When changing the speed from low to high, release the accelerator a 

little and operate the Gear Control Lever at the same time, and step on the accelerator; when 

changing the speed from high to low; release the accelerator first and then change the 

transmission slowly. 

7.  After the lift-arm and bucket are moving to the required position, release the control valve 

lever to the middle position. 

8.  Change the forward or backward driving direction after stopping the loader. 

9.  Full load work is allowed until the water temperature of the engine is above 60  and the 

mobile temperature of the engine is above 50 . But the water temperature of 

the engine 

should not be over 95  and the mobile temperature of 

the engine should not be over 120 , 

otherwise stop the loader to cool it. 

10.  Never lift the bucket to the highest position to transport material. The lower hinge of the lift 

arm should be 400mm~500mm above the ground to ensure stable driving during the 

transporting process. 

11.  A diesel engine is used in the machine. The power of the diesel engine will go down as the 

altitude, environmental temperature and relative temperature goes up. So please pay attention 








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