LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 17


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 17



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


switch group turns to OFF and put it up; the head lamp, tail light and back light is lightened if the 

switch group turns to the position of ‘

’ or ‘

’. The high beam of front headlight lights if put 

it up. 

‹  Control of high and low light 

When the starting switch is in the ON position, the low beam of front headlight is lightened if the 

switch group turns to the position of‘

’. The high beam of front headlight is lightened when the 

switch is put down. 

‹  Control of turning lamp 

The left turning lamp is lightened when the switch is put forward, and the right turning lamp is 

lightened when the switch is put backward. 


The turning indicator lamp is lightened when operate the switch. After the operation of turning 

finished, please put back the switch by your hand. 
z  Rocker switch 

The rocker switch includes gauge panel rocker switch and rocker switch at the right side of seat. The 

gauge panel rocker switch can be referred to 

1.1 Control System and the Gauge Figure 3-4


in this chapter. When the start switch is at ON position, the water sprayer, rain wiper, rear lighting 

lamp, front lighting lamp, back headlight and warning lamp will be controlled separately by this 

switch. The rocker switch at the right side of seat is shown in the following figure. When the start 

switch is at ON position, the unit heater, water sprayer, front and rear lighting lamps, rear lighting 

lamp, front lighting lamp, back light, warning lamp and rain wiper will be controlled separately by 

this switch. Refer to 

1.1 Control System and the Gauge Figure 3-1

 in this chapter. 




Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Rear Headlight Switch: 

Press bottom side, the low beam of rear headlight on the engine hood will come on;   

Press top side, the high beam of rear headlight on the engine hood will come on. 

If no side is pressed, the lamps will go off. 

z  Front Headlight Switch (if assembled): 

Press bottom side, the low beam of the front headlight on the front frame will come on;   

Press top side, the high beam of the front headlight on the front frame will come on;   

If no side is pressed, the lamp will go off. 

z  Front (Rear) Lighting Lamp Switch: 

Press bottom side, the front headlight and rear lighting lamp on the top of cab will come on;   

Press top side, no lamp will come on. 

z  Back Light Switch (if assembled): 

Press bottom side, the back light, head light and tail light will come on together;   

Press top side, no lamp will come on. 

z  Warning Lamp Switch (if assembled): 

Press bottom side, all the turning lamps will blink for an emergency circumstance, sending light 

to warn the other vehicles and passersby. Press top side, all the turning lamps will stop blinking. 

z  Warning Button Switch (if assembled): 

When this button is pushed down, all the turning lamps will blink for an emergency circumstance, 

sending light to warn the other vehicles and passersby. When the button springs back, all the 

turning lamps will stop blinking. 

z  Rain wiper Switch: 

Press bottom side, rain wiper will work; press top side, the rain wiper will stop. 

z  Water Spraying Switch: 

Press bottom side, spray water to the front glass of the cab; press top side, stop spraying. 

z  Top Lamp Switch: 

This switch is behind the ceiling lamp in the operator cab. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


Press ON position to turn it on. 

Press OFF position to turn it off. 

Turn it off during driving. 

z  Fan Switch: 

Press the bottom side for low air speed; 

Press the top side for high air speed; 

Press the middle of the button, and the fan will stop. 

z  Horn Switch: 

Press the button in the middle of the steering wheel, and the horn will sound.   

z  Power Switch 

The switch locates on the left side of rear frame. The power of 

the whole vehicle is shut off when the switch turns to the ‘ ’ 

position; The power of the whole vehicle is turn on when the 

switch turns to the ‘ ’ position. Please shut the power switch if 

park the vehicle for a long time.   

1.2.3 Steering Wheel 

The steering wheel and steering unit are connected. Turning the steering wheel clockwise, the 

machine turns right; turning the steering wheel anticlockwise, the machine turns left. 

The features are listed below: 

z  The rotation angles of the steering wheel and the machine are not equal. If the steering wheel is 

continuously turned; the machine rotation angle will increase until at the needed position.   

z  The faster the steering wheel turns, the faster the machine turns. 

z  The steering wheel will not automatically come back after turning, the turning angle of the 

machine will be kept. After finishing turning the machine, turn the steering wheel in the reverse 

direction to keep the machine moving in a straight direction. 

1.2.4 Control Levers and Pedals 

z  Shifting Control Lever 

This lever controls the direction and traveling speed of the 
Place the speed shifting control lever in the N position which is 
the neutral gear; Put the control lever forward to the 1 position 
can obtain the forward gear Ⅰ, and the loader drives forward 
slowly; when turn it to 2 position can obtain the forward gear  ,


and the loader drives forward fast. Put the control lever to the R 
position can obtain the reverse gear, and the loader drives backward. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Working Device Control Handle 

Refer to 

1.1 General View of Controls and 

Gauges Figure 3-1 and 3-2

 in this chapter. 

This handle controls the bucket and lift arm. There are 

four gears to control the lift, neutral, lower and float of 

the lift arm pro-and post, and there are three gears to 

control the forward tilt, neutral and rear tilt of the 

bucket from left to right. 

‹  Lift Arm Control 

Push the working device handle forward and backward to utilize the lower, floating, neutral and 

lifting of the lift arm. 

Lift is used for lifting. 

Neutral is used for maintaining the bucket in the desired position. 

Lower is used for lowering. 

Float is used for moving freely under applied force. 

Notice: Never put the lift arm down when it is in the floating position. 

‹  Bucket Control   

Move the control handle from left to right to control the front tilt, neutral and rear tilt of the 


Rear Tilt is used for drawing in the bucket 

Neutral is used for keeping the bucket in the desired position. 

Forward Tilt is used for dumping. 

‹  Lifting limit location function: When place the control handle in the lifting position, the 

electromagnetic force from lifting limit location locked magnet coil of pilot valve can lock the 

control level in the lifting position; When the lift arm lifts to the highest position, the lifting limit 

proximity switch (fixed on the lift arm) controls the locked magnet coil of pilot valve to power 

off, so the control handle turn to neutral position to realize the lifting limit to prevent the working 

device from injury by hydraulic impact. 

‹  Set level automatically function: When dumping in the highest position, move the control 

handle left to the rear tilt position and the control handle is locked. During drawing the bucket, 

the control handle returns to the neutral position and place it in the lowering position when in the 

set level automatically position. Then the working device is placed on the ground and the bucket 

is in the bucketing position in order to realize the set level automatically function and increase the 








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