LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 18


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 18



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


efficient of the whole vehicle. 

‹  Lock automatically function: When leveling the ground, place the control handle in the 

floating position, and the control handle is locked by the electromagnetic force to realize the lock 

automatically; Take the control handle from the floating position, it returns to the neutral position 

automatically to increase the efficient of the whole vehicle. 

z  Brake Pedal 

The Brake Pedal controls the brake of the vehicle. Refer to 

1.1 General View of Controls 

and Gauges Figure3-1 and 3-2

 in this chapter. 

z  Accelerator Pedal   

This pedal controls the acceleration of the engine. Refer to 

1.1 General View of Controls 

and Gauges Figure3-1 and 3-2

, in this chapter. 

The engine speed can be freely regulated between idle and full speed.


z  Select switch for cutting off power handle (if assembled) 

The handle is located on the right operator box at the right side of the seat. Step on the brake 

pedal to carry out the driving brake. When the switch valve handle locates in the ‘power cutting 

off’ position, the power outputted by transmission box is cut off while braking; when the switch 

valve handle locates in the ‘power connecting’ position, the power outputted by transmission box 

is not cut off while braking. 

z  Parking Brake Switch 

This switch is on the right operator box and it is used 

for the parking brake. Pull this lever to engage the 

parking brake. Turn the switch slowly until it springs 

back to release the parking brake.





z  Brake valve manual control handle (if assembled) 

This handle is on the right operator box at the right side 

of cab and it is used for the parking brake. Pull this 

handle up to engage the parking brake. Press the 

handle to release the parking brake.



z  Flameout Control Soft Knob (if assembled) 

This soft knob is on the right operator box at the right side of cab. Pulling this knob up will put 

out an engine flame. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


1.2.5 Cab Door Locking Bar 

z  Outside Cab Locking Bar: Open the left and right door to 180° and the orientation lock on the 

door will touch the outside lock of the cab 

and the door will be locked outside the cab. 

Turn the control bar downward and it will 


z  Inside Cab Locking Bar: When the lock of 

the cab is in the locked positions, the door 

will be locked automatically after closing the door. Insert key outside the cab. Turn 

180°clockwise and pull out key. Pull the handle outside the cab and the cab door will open. Turn 

the lock bar upward and it will open. 

1.2.6 Frame Locking Bar




z  Be sure to use the front and rear frame locking bar during 

maintenance or transporting the machine.   

z  Be sure to release the frame locking bar during routine travel. 


z  The frame locking bar is used to lock the front and rear frames during maintenance or 

transporting vehicles, in order to prevent the frames from moving. 






1.2.7 Towing Pin


z  During towing, insert the towing pin ① into the counterweight  .








Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


1. Working Indicator Lamp    2.Air Volume and Power Switch 
  3. The Switch to Control the Temperature 

1.2.8 Fuse 




z  Always be sure to close the startup switch before replacing the 

fuse .The fuse is used to protect the wiring and cable from burning 

out. If the fuse has become corroded by oxidation, or the fuse is 

loose in the fuse holder, please replace the fuse.



z  When replacing the fuse, please replace with a fuse of the same 


1.2.9 Air Conditioning (if assembled) 


z  The Appearance of Panel 

The panel of air conditioning is at the right side of cab’s seat.  control panel and is operation (if assembled) 


z  Operating methods 

a) Refrigeration 

—  Start the engine. 

—  Open the air volume and power 

switch 2 which have three gears (fan 

low gear, fan middle gear and fan 

high gear) and four positions (O, L, 

M and H). The speed of evaporating 

fan increases from left to right to 

adjust the air volume. 

—  Open the temperature control switch 

3 to the max (the indicator lamp 1 will light), then the compressor starts working for the 

refrigeration of air conditioning. 

—  Turn the air volume and power switch 2 to select different gear to obtain three different 

volume of air. 

—  Turn the temperature control switch anticlockwise slowly to obtain the desired temperature 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


until the indicator lamp 1 turns off and the compressor stops working. Now the setting 

temperature is the temperature in the cab. When the inside temperature is higher than the 

setting temperature, the indicator lamp 1 lightens and the compressor will begin to refrigerate; 

when the inside temperature is lower than the setting temperature, the indicator lamp 1 turns 

off and the compressor stops working. 

b) Heating 

—  Before using, turn the temperature control switch to the ‘O’ position (the state of off). 

—  Open the hot water valve and start engine. 

—  Open the air volume and power switch 2 to choose the position of gear and adjust to the 

desired air volume.  control panel and is operation (if assembled)


z  The Appearance of Panel 













z  Operating methods 

a)  Refrigeration 

First-time use, turn the air volume and power switch to high gear after the engine started, 

turn the temperature control switch to refrigeration. Turn the air volume to obtain low, 

middle and high volume of air. 

b) Heating 

Turn the temperature control switch to the state of off, open the hot water valve the air 

volume and power switch, warm air blow constantly. Turn the air volume and power switch 

to obtain low middle and high volume of air. 

c) Power 



1. Air Volume and Power Switch      2.The Switch to Control The Temperature     
          3. Refrigeration Indicator Lamp    4. Power Indicator Lamp     








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