LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 20


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 20



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


to the environmental conditions and calculate the real power under the current environmental 

condition according to the power correcting table in 

Diesel Engine Usage and 

Maintenance User Manual


3.2 Starting 

3.2.1 Check before Starting 

z  Check the bottom and surrounding of the machine to see whether there are lost of bolts, dirt, oil, 

coolant leak, or broken parts. Check the status of accessories and hydraulic parts. 

z  Check before Starting: 

1)  Check the fuel in the fuel tank. Refer to 

3.6.2 Adding Fuel to Fuel Tank

 in this 


2)  Check the hydraulic oil in hydraulic oil tank. Refer to 

3.6.5 Adding Oil to Hydraulic 

Oil Box

 in this chapter. 

3)  Check the engine oil in the engine oil pan. Refer to 

3.6.1 Fuel Supplying of Engine


this chapter. 

4)  Open the water tank cover to check the water level in the water tank. 

5)  Check the brake oil in the oil bowl of the brake booster pump. 

6)  Check the seal ability of the oil pipe, water pipe, air pipe and other parts. 

7)  Check the seal ability of the hydraulic pipes and the surrounding pipes. 

8)  Check the wire connection of the storage battery. 

9)  Check the pressure of the tire to see whether it is normal. Please refer to 


8.1 Performance

10)  Check the control levers (or handles) to see whether they are sensitive and in the neutral 


11)  Adjust the seat position to sit comfortably. Please refer to 

1.2.10 Adjustment of Cab’s 


 in this chapter. 

12)  Check the safety belt (if assembled) and other safety equipment for good working order. 

13)  Start the full checking list the engine only after completing. 

3.2.2 Engine Starting 

Points for attention of starting engine: 

z  Make sure all the control levers are in the neutral position before starting; make sure the gear 

control lever is in neutral position, and put the switch in its original position. 

z  Step on the accelerator slowly when starting to prevent breaking parts. 

z  Follow the correct starting steps to start the engine. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Refer to 

Diesel Engine Usage and Maintenance User Manual

 for other operations of 

diesel engines. 

Steps of starting engine: 

z  Put the shifting control lever to the neutral position   

z  Turn the start key clockwise to the ON position. Connect the power switch and ring the horn. 

z  Turn the starting key to the ON position. Connect the power switch, and press the accelerator 

slowly. Then turn to the START position. After releasing the starting key, it will go back to the 

ON position automatically. The starting time is not more than 5~10 seconds, (the engine starting 

effort not be more than 15 seconds). 

z  Try again if the machine does not start the first time. But the alternation time should be more than 

1 minute. If the engine does not start after these tries, please check the machine and solve the 


3.2.3 After Starting of Engine 

z  Lower the speed of the engine, and examine the reason if engine oil pressure gauge is not in the 

normal position in more than 10 seconds. After that, start again, otherwise there may be some 


z  When the engine oil pressure does not reach the designated value, the high running speed of the 

engine will induce a high temperature and the turbo charger may be broken. 

z  Use the working equipment control levers to let the preheated hydraulic oil circle in hydraulic 

tank and pipes, so that way the hydraulic parts can warm quickly. 

z  Keep the engine at an idle speed for several minutes after starting. Increase the speed to 

1000~1200r/min gradually, and then enter the partial load running status. Pay attention to the 

value of the gauge. 

z  Do not let the engine run at high speed or low speed more than 20 minutes in the idle status. 

z  If the engine has to run at idle status, the machine 

should be loaded from time to time or the engine 

should run at the middle speed. 

3.3 Running 

3.3.1 Driving 

Make sure there is no other person in, on or around the 

machine or around to prevent accident. And keep the 

machine under control. 
z  Raise the lift-arm. Keep the bucket backwards, and keep the motor running.   

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



z  Put the gear control lever at forward I or backward I 




z  Press the brake pedal; press the parking brake level 

to release the brake status. 



z  Release brake pedal, and step on the accelerator 

pedal slowly to drive the machine forward or 

z  It is safe to drive only when the brake pressure is 

over the specific value of 0.45MPa. 

z  Never lift the bucket to the highest position while 

transporting material. The lower hinge of the arm working equipment should be 400mm~
500mm above the ground to ensure stable driving in the transporting process. 





z  Never run at high speed if the machine goes on a slope or 

uneven ground. 

z  Select the proper transmission gears when go down a slope 

and never change the gears during that time. 

z  Never run over speed while driving on a slope, and use the 

foot brake pedal to slow the speed. 


3.3.2 Gearshift. Changing between Forward and Backward 

z  Press the accelerator properly when shifting gear to avoid sharp speed increase. 

z  It is best to change the running direction (from forward to backward or from backward to forward) 

after stopping the machine to get the best driver comfort and prolonging the life of the engine. 

z  No need to stop and brake the machine to shift gears while running. Release the accelerator and 

operate the transmission lever at the same time when changing the speed from low to high and 

when changing the speed from high to low, release the accelerator first and then change the 

transmission slowly. 


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


3.3.3 Turning 

z  Turn the steering wheel to the desired direction. The machine will turn. 

z  The machine takes the articulated pin at the center. And the front and rear frames turn by rotating 

its waist. 




z  Never turn suddenly or turn on a slope at high speed. 

z  The machine can not turn if the engine stops. 

3.3.4 Braking 

z  Never put your foot on the brake pedal unless necessary. 

z  Never press the brake pedal again and again unless necessary. 

z  Never try to stop the engine and put speed change control level in the neutral position while 

driving down sloping ground. 

z  Never using left brake pedal (if assemble the double brake pedals) when driving on a slope to 

prevent power from cutting off. 




Never use the brake valve manual control handle (or 

parking brake switch) to brake or slow the speed of the 

machine while running unless in an emergency. 


3.4 Stopping 

3.4.1 Steps to Stop 

z  Release the accelerator, and press the brake pedal to 

stop the machine. Put the gear control lever in the 

neutral position. 

z  After safely stopping, pull the brake valve manual 

control handle up or press the parking brake switch 

to lock the parking brake in the brake state. 












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