LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 14


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 14



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



Figure 2-7 Nameplate of LG956L loader mounted with Weichai engine and standard lift arm (with bucket of 3.0m




Figure 2-8 Nameplate of LG956L standard lift arm loader mounted with Shangchai and Cummins engine (with 

bucket of 3.0m


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



This loader is a multi-purpose large construction machine mainly used for bulk materials. It is 

widely used in mineral yards, construction, roads, freight 

yards and ports. It can be used for dragging, to flatten the 

ground, piling and stacking of bulk soil, sand, sand stone, 

coal and garbage. 

It can chuck wood, fork grass, clean snow and 

chuck box-liked material with proper work equipment.   

Please refer to CHAPTER III – 3.5 Operations for 





The following operations are forbidden for the loader: 

1.  Over loading. 

2.  Unbalanced. 

3.  Digging hard material. 

4.  Lifting heavy material using a rope hung directly on the bucket. 


Dig with the bucket above the machine level.



Requirements for this machine as follows: 

1.  Altitude:  ≤3000m; 

2.  Temperature: -15~40



3.  Water depth: ≤500mm. 

The loader is a general construction machine, and can be used under the conditions listed in this 

manual. Please follow the rules and utilize relative specific purpose equipment. If it is used under 

other conditions or potentially dangerous circumstances, such as areas with flammable materials, 

explosives and asbestos dust, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the potentially resulting 

damage and injury.   


z  Luxury streamline structure, widen of engine cover backside, beautiful appearance. 

z  LG956L loader employs Weichai, Shangchai or Cummins engine to reduce oil consumption by 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


10%; also employs large capacity and double transmission assembly, and change the transmission 

ratio to increase the average power and tracing property of the whole machine. 

z  Both the wheel base and tilting load are large, so the vertical stability is high. 

z  Larger engine hood, hexagonal window bar and high efficient radiator are used, air intake and 

output rout are optimized to reduce the water or oil temperature so that the life of whole machine 

is improved. 

z  The optimized structure of rock arm and bucket to satisfy the working condition mostly. The 

main plate employs wear-resistant steel board to increase the wear resistance. The domestic 

LG956L mounts with rock bucket to increase the bucket property. 

z  Jingled frame structure, large steering angle (38°) and small turning radius, so it is mobile and 

flexible; the frame employs tapered roller bearing jingled style to improve the using life. 

z  The hydraulic system classifies into two types, one is full hydraulic fluid amplifier steering 

hydraulic system and double pumps confluence working device hydraulic system, and set 

unloading valve on the steering system to utilize high voltage small flow and low voltage big 

flow, so the power of hydraulic system increases obviously and the oil consumption and noise 

reduces to improve the tracing property of whole machine further. The other is full hydraulic load 

sensing steering hydraulic system and single pump large flow working device hydraulic system, 

turn stably and lift quickly to improve the productivity. 

z  The optimized and improved hydraulic pipe seal structures are fully used to improve the sealing 

performance and reliability of the whole machine hydraulic system. 

z  Optimized shock absorption system to supply better operation environment; new type of the 

shock absorption seat with better shock absorption ability supplies the driver with better 


z  LG956L double pedals loader has the function of selecting to cut off power, the power can be cut 

off when braking, so the reliability of brake system elements improve to satisfy more working 


z  Optimized structure of fuel tank, enlarged cubage, and adding protective rear steel board. 

z  New type of large view operator cab, full-sealing design, optimized air-rout, air blowing from 

front. Luxury vehicular decoration, air condition and warm wind outside, operation space is 

larger and comfortable. 

z  Employ low pressure and wide base, so the cross running and passing performance is good to 

satisfy the driving and working on the rugged road.   

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



8.1 Performance of Whole Machine 


 Standard lift arm   Long lift arm   Super-Long lift arm 

Bucket capacity                           

                    2.7 m


                            2.8 m


                              2.8 m



Rated loading capacity                                 

50000N            45000N              42000N


Lifting time (full load)

                                        ≤6.4 s                          ≤6.4 s                              ≤6.4 s


Lowering time (empty bucket)

                         ≤3.6 s                          ≤3.6 s                              ≤3.6 s


Dumping time (empty bucket)

                          ≤1.3 s                          ≤1.3 s                              ≤1.3 s


Travel speed 




(Weichai engine)

                                0~12.3 km/h        0~12.3km/h         0~12.3km/h




 (Shangchai and Cummins engine)    0~13.5 km/h        0~13.5 km/h         0~13.5 km/h 



(Weichai engine)

                              0~40.5 km/h        0~40.5km/h          0~40.5km/h




 (Shangchai and Cummins engine)    0~38 km/h                  0~38 km/h                    0~38 km/h


    Reverse gear

                                              0~16.1 km/h              0~16.1 km/h        0~16.1 km/h


Max. breakout force

                                          ≥180 kN           ≥161 kN           ≥172 kN


Max. traction force (supplied by engine)

      ≥160 kN                      ≥160 kN           ≥160 kN


Tipping load                     

                                ≥110 kN           ≥98 Kn                        ≥94 kN


Max. climbing angle

                                              30°                                30°                                  30°


Min. turning radius(outside of rear wheel)

      6036 mm                    6036 mm                      6036 mm


Level passing radius (outside of bucket)

          6746 mm                    6936 mm                      6983 mm


Max. turning angle

                                                  38°                                38°                                38° 

Tire charge pressure: 

          Front wheel                             

0.39±0.01 MPa       0.39±0.01 MPa      0.39±0.01 MPa


Rear wheel                             

 0.33±0.01 MPa       0.33±0.01 MPa      0.33±0.01 MPa


8.2 Principle Dimension and Weight 

Length (bucket on ground)

                                8040 mm                        8380 mm                      8380 mm


Width (outside of wheels)

                                  2785 mm                        2785 mm                      2785 mm


Bucket width

                                                        3060 mm                        3024 mm                      3024 mm



                                                                    3382 mm                        3382 mm                      3382 mm


Wheel track

                                                          2190 mm                        2190 mm                      2190 mm









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