LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 11


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 11



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



z  Keep fire away from the storage battery because explosive gas may be generated. Strictly follow 

the program in this user manual to maintain the storage battery. 

z  Make sure there are no flammable materials, such as dry grass and old paper, near the high 

temperature parts such as the silencer when parking the machine. 

z  Check whether there is leakage of fuel, mobile oil or hydraulic oil. Replace the broken soft pipes. 

Clean before operation and after repair. 

z  Check the wire to see whether it is breakage and voltage leakage; if so, replace it or repair it. 

z  Use inflammable liquid to clean the parts; do not use gasoline or other flammable materials. 

z  Never weld or flame cut the pipe or tank containing flammable liquid. Clean them using 

inflammable liquid before welding and flame cutting. 

z  Check the fire extinguisher before starting repair work. 

Know the location of fire extinguishers and first-aid bag 

and know how to use them. 

z  Never use fire (match or lighter) to check dark areas. 

8.14 Air Storage Tank 

z  Open the drain valve of the air storage tank to drain every 

day. This is especially important in cold weather. Make sure the drain valve is closed before 

starting the engine. 

z  Examine the outside of the air storage tank frequently because of high pressure air. Examine the 



erosion layer and welding line to ensure safety. 

8.15 Electric System 

z  The electric system must be maintained by a professional person with a proper license. 

z  Connect the grounding cable last to prevent an explosion due to electric sparks near the battery 

when adjusting outside power. 

z  Remove the start up key before repairing the electric system. 

8.16 Maintenance of Storage Battery 

Oxygen and hydrogen may be generated during battery charging because the electrolyte of the storage 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


battery contains vitriol. So mis-operation of the storage battery may lead to severe injury or fire. 

Please do as follows: 

z  Keep kids away from the battery. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves to deal with the battery. 

If vitriol gets in the eyes or on the clothes or wash with lots of water and go to hospital if hurt 


z  Keep fire away from the battery during charging because the generation of oxygen and hydrogen 

may cause an explosion. Prevent circuit from shorting. 

z  Keep fire away from the crust on the battery because it is flammable. 

z  Store the battery under dry, clean and well ventilated circumstances with temperatures between 

5~25℃. Prevent sun light irradiation. Keep the battery 2m away from a heat source. The battery 

will be affected by high temperature. 

z  Never reverse and put horizontally. Prevent damage by too much pressure. 

z  The storage life of a battery is 6 months under room temperature without charging. If over 6 

months, please charge before use. 

z  Pay attention to the labels on equipment before installation to prevent accidents. 

z  Spread vaseline on the poles to prevent erosion. The wire connections should be firm and 

credible. Never hammer the wire pole which may cause the leak of vitriol. 

z  Connect the positive pole of the storage battery with the negative pole of the machine first, and 

then connect the negative pole of the storage battery with the positive pole of the machine. 

z  Put the battery on the shaft using the upside fixing method or downside fixing method to prevent 

destruction caused by loosening. 

z  There is an indicator on the cover of the battery. The green light means it can be used, the black 

light means it should be charged, and the white light means it should be replaced. Replace with a 

new battery after the white light indicator. 

z  Routinely recharge the battery if the battery lacks electric power during use to prevent the 

capability of battery sulfate going down. 

z  If the battery is installed, disassemble it and put it in a dry and well ventilated place if it is not 

used for long time (generally more than 15 days). Recharge the battery every 3~6 months (based 

on whether the indicator is black or not). 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


8.17 Charging of Storage Battery 

Explosion may occur if the storage batteries are charged in the wrong way. So follow the storage 

battery instructions in this user manual. Do as follows: 

z  Charge with constant voltage is recommended: 

¾  Complementary charge: charge 16 hours at 16.0 Voltage (max current is less than 25A) 

¾  Normal charge: charge 24 hours at 16.0 Voltage (max current is less than 25A). 

z  Connect the positive pole of the charging machine with the negative pole of the storage battery, 

and then connect the negative pole of the charging machine with the positive pole of the storage 

battery. Never reverse. 

z  Examine the vent of the battery to prevent blockage, otherwise it may explode. 

z  Lower the charging voltage or current if the electrolytes are over 45℃ to prevent spurt out of 

electrolytes due to high temperatures. 

z  Never overcharge during use or charging to prevent early invalidation due to water loss, grid 

increasing and diachylon dropping. 

8.18 Starting to Use Voltage-Raising Method   

The wrong connection of voltage-raising cable may lead to fire, so please do as follows:   

z  Two operators are needed to start voltage-raising start (one sits on the operator seat). 

z  Two machines are not allowed to touch when one is starting. 

z  Turn off all the starting switches of the normal machine and the broken machine when connecting 

the voltage-raising cable. 

z  Connect the positive (+) cable first when the voltage-raising cable is connected. Cut off the 

negative or ground (-) cable first when the voltage-raising cable is removed. 

z  Connect the ground cable to the frame of the broken machine. Connection should be as far as 

possible away from the storage battery. 

z  Do not let the voltage-raising cables touch each other or let the clamp touch the machine when 

the voltage-raising cable is removed. 

8.19 Maintenance and Storage of Tires 

8.19.1 Maintenance of Tires 

z  The Explosion of a tire can push the parts, such as tire, rim and driving axle, as far as 500m or 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


more. The explosion and the particles can lead to severe injury, even death, so please keep the 

pressure of the tire at the normal level. Inflation pressure should not surpass the standing value. 

The inflation pressure is shown in 





z  Driving at high speeds increases the temperature, and therefore, the pressure. Never try to reduce 

the pressure, but reduce the speed to cool the tire. Continuous high speed driving can lead to over 

heating and tire explosion. 

z  Stand at the back of the tire, and stand as far as possible away from the tire when adjusting the 

pressure of the tire. 

z  Check the tire and rim every day for cracks or bubbles. Never operate in a low pressure 


z  Check that the bolt and nut of the rim are in place. Check whether the torque of the nut satisfies 

the suggested value of the factory. 

z  Never stand in the front or the rear of the rolling direction of the tire. Check the tire from the side. 

If disassembling one tire lock the other tires. 

z  Take care when welding near a tire, which can cause explosion of the tire. 

z  Only a trained person with a professional license can repair a tire and rim using specific tools and 

following the proper steps.   

z  Use the uniform tire with the same standard and same flower 

pattern for replacement. 

8.19.2 Storage of Tires 

z  It is the basic rule that tires should be stored in a warehouse. No one 

can enter without permission. Put a fence around and hang a “No 

Enter” sign if the tires are stored outside the warehouse. 

z  Store the tires in a dry and clean place. Water can oxidize a tire, and 

dirt and oil can erode a tire. No light, heat insulation or ventilation 

are needed for storage. Cover the tires with a canvas, plastic or other anti-dust cloth. The wrong 

storage method can greatly reduce the quality and life of tires. 

z  Stand the tire on level ground and use a wedge to lock it to prevent it falling down. The quality 

may be reduced if the tire is laid on its side. The tire should be rotated (90°) once per month at 








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