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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 9



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



z  At least 6m (20ft) at 40KV high voltage condition (electric wire is generally supported by 

hanging insulator). 

The vertical distance between loader and the overhead electric wire should be: 
z  At least 2m (6.5ft) at low voltage condition. 
z  At least 4m (13ft) at high voltage condition. 
To prevent an accident, please do as follows: 
z  First ask the electricity company for the voltage. Check the validity of action according to the 

relevent rules when the machine may touch the electric cables. 

z  Wear rubber shoes and rubber gloves. Lay a leather cushion over the operator’s shoes. Be sure no 

part of your body can touch the metal bottom. 

z  Assign a signal warner, who can give a warning when the machine gets too close to electric 


z  Never leave the operator cab, never move and do not touch any part of the machine until the 

people who are on the ground cut off the electricity once the machine touches the wire. 

z  When operating near high-voltage cables, make sure other persons are far from the machine. 


7.1 Pay Attention to the Safety of Yourself and Others 

z  Park the machine on level ground. The working equipment should be put on the ground. 

z  Never park on a ramp. If parking on a ramp is necessary, the ramp angle should be less than 20%, 

and put the wedge under the wheels to prevent moving. Then put the bucket down to the ground. 

z  If the machine is disabled or must park in a high traffic area, lay bars, signals, flags and warning 

lights. Make sure the other cars can see it clearly. Do not block traffic. 

z  When parking the machine, unload all the material on the machine, lower the bucket to the 

ground, stop the engine, pull the parking brake switch and put it in the braking position. Lock the 

engine and put away the keys. Climb down with face to the machine slowly, according to the 

“3-points” method. Never jump down to the ground. 





NEVER get on or off the machine while it is moving. 


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


7.2 Notice for Cold Area 

z  Clear the water, snow or dust attached to wires, switches, power insert or sensor and the covers of 

these parts. Otherwise, the water in these parts may be frozen and an unpredictable accident may 

be caused. 

z  Before operation, preheat sufficiently. The machine won’t start if do not preheat before operating 

the conrol handle of the working equipment and an unpredictable accident may be caused. 

z  Operate the working equipment control handle to let the hydraulic oil cycle in the hydraulic 

system (Do this by letting the pressure of the system rise up to the system setting, and then 

release to let the oil flow back to the hydraulic oil tank ) to preheat the hydraulic oil, so as to 

guarantee better reaction and prevent malfunction. 

z  Do not charge the storage battery with frozen electrolytes, and do not use other power to start the 

engine. It is dangerous and can cause fire. Please refer to 

CHAPTER III 3.5.3 Operation 

in Cold Weather


8.1 General Knowledge 

z  Operation and maintenance people should be trained 

to become the licensed. Do not allow anyone to enter 
the working area except the maintenance people. If 
necessary, please assign people to guard. 

z  The repair of the machine should follow the 

procedures. Ask the Shandong Lingong Construction 
Machinery Co. Ltd. for help if you don’t know how 
to do the repair. 

z  Assure that the people who are responsible for 

repairs, who decide the working procedures, who 
determine the person in charge and repair the 
machine have been trained to, assemble and 
disassemble the parts step by step. 

z  Please wear a uniform with a tight wristband and 

trousers. Always wear safety glasses. 

z  Please use the repair tools correctly; do not use 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


broken or low quality tools. 

z  Lower the working equipment completely to the ground, stop the engine, draw the brake valve 

manual control handle (or the parking brake switch),


and wedge the tire during repairs to prevent 

bodily injury.   

z  Obey the rules of warning labels. Pay attention to the important notices on the label on the 

machine and obey the rules. Add a new one or clean the label if it is lost or dirty. 

z  Attach the label of “No Operation” or other warning label to the switches or control board 

during repairs. Never let other people operate or start the engine to prevent injury or death. 

z  Fuel, mobile oil, grease and an oily cloth are dangerous materials which should be kept away 

from fire or flame. Do not pile oily cloths anywhere 
because it may self-ignite. 

z  Never smoke when adding fuel or examining the 

storage battery. 

z  Put the accessories in a safe place to prevent lost. Put 

the handrail around and put the “No Enter”warning 
label to prevent people from entering without 

z  No people are allowed to get close to the machine or accessories without permission. 
z  Keep the working area clean and tidy, without flammable materials around to prevent fire or 


z  Lock the front and rear frames with a safety bar to 

prevent rotation before examination and repair. 

z  Make sure all the levers (or handles) are in the 

neutral position and use the necessary equipment to 
support the life-arms cylinder and tilting oil cylinder 
to prevent the working equipment from falling if you 
have to examine and repair when the bucket is 

8.2 Working in a Close Area 

Exhaust gas from the engine may cause disease or death. If working in a close area, use releaser to 

release the exhaust gas in the area. If there is no releaser, please open the door. 

8.3 Maintenance of Frames During Jacking up 

z  When jacking up the frame, do not let anyone enter the other side of the frame. 

z  Before jacking up, lock the front and rear frames with a safety bar and put all the levers in the 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


middle and wedge the tire from the opposite side. Put the cushion blocks under the machine. 

8.4 Working under the Machine 

Park the machine on firm ground. Lower the working equipment to the ground before working 

under the machine.


Wedge the tire firmly.


It is dangerous to work under the machine only using 

the working equipment to support the machine.


Never work under the machine without good 




8.5 Working on the Machine 

z  Make sure the top of the machine has no blockage and is clean when working on the top of the 

machine. Follow the rules below: 





z  Do not allow lubricant or grease to leak. 

z  Do not randomly put the tools around the work place. 

z  Walk slowly and carefully. 


z  Never jump down from the machine. When climbing up and down the machine, face the machine 

and keep three points contact (two hands-one foot or two feet-one hand) with the handrails and 

pedals to ensure safety. 

z  Use protective equipment if necessary. 

z  Never stand on the top of the engine hood because it is slippery and dangerous. 

z  Never stand on the top of tires because they are slippery and dangerous. 

z  Stand on the mudguard of the front frame and seize the handrail to clean the front glass of the 

operator cab. 











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