LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 8


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 8



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



6.1 Keep Good Operation Habits 

z  Always be seated with the safety belt locked during 

operation (if assembled). The machine in operation 

should always be controlled by the operator. 



z  Operate the control handle of the working equipment 

properly to prevent misoperation. 

z  Examine and listen to the exceptions carefully, and 

report immediately. Do not repair while in operation. 

z  An overload is dangerous. Shandong Lingong 

Construction Machinery Co. Ltd assumes no 

resposibility for the injury or damage induced by 


z  It is dangerous to hit any object at a high speed. 

Damage may be done to the loaders, the goods and 
the operator. 

z  Keep perpendicular during loading and unloading 

materials. If working in a side direction, the steering 
cylinder and differential carriers may be damaged, 
and the machine may be unbalanced.   

z  Confirm the ambient conditions and the operation 

before driving to load and unload materials. 

z  Check the status of the working area before entering 

a narrow passageway such as tunnel,


overbridge and 

garage. Take care with the working devices during 

z  Operate down wind in strong windy weather. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Be careful when the lift arm reaches the upper limit. Loading in the upper limit position may 

cause destabilization of loader. So the driving speed 
should be slow and the bucket should tilt forward 

z  When unloading to the truck or tipper, make sure the 

bucket does not hit the truck or tipper. Do not allow 

anyone to stand under the bucket or to let the bucket 

go over the cab of the truck. 





z  When driving backwards, ensure visibility of what is 

behind you. 





z  Install lighting systems during dark conditions. And 

stop work when there is smoke, fog, sand, or dust 

which affects visibility. 

z  When working at night, please make sure: 

‹  Proper lighting system is installed. 

‹  Fuction light works normally. 

‹  To carefully estimate the height and distance of 


‹  Keep alert and stop the engine and examine the 

environment and the machine frequently. 



z  Make sure that every bridge is strong enough to let 

the machine pass. 


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



z  Don’t use the machine for any work other than what 

the machine is designed for. It may damage the parts 

or cause an accident when using the head of the 

working equipment for other fuctions, such as hook, 

grasp, draw, push, or tow. 


6.2 Pay Attention to Surroundings   

z  No unauthorized person is allowed to enter the 

working area because the working equipment will 

work up and down, turn left and right and move 

forward and backward all the time. Keep people 

away from all sides of the working equipment. 





z  To ensure safety when working at the side of a road 

or hear a cliff where the land may shift, designate a 

person to watch and direct at all times. 

z  Take care with the dumping position when unloading 

sand or rocks from the high position.   

z  When pushing material off a cliff or when the 

highest point is reached, the load may desrease 

suddenly. Subsequently, the moving speed will 

increase, so slow down in advance. 

z  When constructing a dam or unloading soil from a 

cliff, form one pile first and use the second pile to 

push the first one.   


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


6.3 Ensure Ventilation in Close 


z  Open the window to ensure enough air when 

operating, dealing with fuel, cleaning parts or 

painting in close or badly ventilated environments to 

prevent bodily injury. If this can not satisfy the need, 

please assemble aerator. 



z  Prepare fire extinguishers for close environments 

and know where they are stored and how to use 

when working in this condition. 


6.4 Don’t Get Close to Dangerous 


If the ejected gas from the silencer hits flammable 

material, or the vent-pipe is close to the flammable 

material, fire may occur. Be aware of the flammable 

materials such as lipin, cotton, papers, dry grass, 

chemicals and oily or oiled rags.






6.5 Don’t Get Close to High Voltage Wire 


Do not touch the aerial electric wire. Electroshock 

may result in even when close to a high voltage wire. 

The distance between the loader and the electric wire 

should be: 
z  At least 2m (6.5ft) at low voltage condition. 
z  At least 4m (13ft) at 40KV high voltage condition 

(electric wire is generally supported by fixed









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