LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 6


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 6



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


condition. Operate only after the abnormal conditions are resolved. 

z  To avoid fire, check whether there are any flammable materials such as wood chips, leaves and 

paper which have accumulated on the engine.   

z  Check whether there is leakage of oil, or water, loose nuts, abnormal sounds, broken or lost parts. 
z  Check the cab floor, rearview mirror, control lever (or control handle), pedal and handrails for oil, 

grease, snow or dirt, and clean. 

z  Check the level of coolant, fuel and make sure the level of engine oil in the pan is normal. Please 

refer to 

CHAPTER III – 3.6 Supply of Oils, 

to check whether the air filter is blocked. 

Adjust the operator’s seat to the proper position for operation. Please refer to 


– 1.2.10 Seat Adjustment



to check whether the safety belt and the fixed equipment (if 

assembled) are broken. 

The safety belt must be replaced with a new one every three 


z  Check the gauges for damage, and make sure the control lever (or control handle) is in the 

braking position.   

z  Clean the dirt on the cab window and all the lamps to ensure better visibility. 
z  Adjust the rear-view mirror and keep the surface clean to ensure the best view from the operator’s 

seat. Replace with a new one if the mirror has been damaged. 

z  Don’t leave any tool or part around the operator’s seat. They may fall because of the vibration 

during moving and working, which could break the control lever (or control handle) or switch, or 

move the control lever (or control handle) which could start the working equipment and cause an 


z  Check whether the floodlight and signal light is normal and repair if not. 
z  Check whether the front and rear frames is unlocked. 
z  Clean oil from the handrail and the pedal and the silt and sand from the shoes to avoid slippage, 

which may affect the operations. 

z  Check whether the tires are worn or broken, the bolts and nuts are loose. Especially pay attention 

to the loose hub nut and repair or replace for any 

abnormal situations. 

4.1.3 When Starting the Engine 

z  Before boarding on the machine, check the machine 

again to see whether there are people or blockages 

on or under or near the machine. If there are 

unrelated people in the working area, ask them to 

leave. Do not begin work until they leave. 


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 




z  Don’t start the machine if there is the tag of “



” on the control handle of the working 

equipment or shift control handle. 

z  Sit with the safety belt locked into place (if assembled). 
z  Know the meanings for all the warnings on the equipment, 

meters, and control equipment on the panel. 

z  Be sure the brake valve manual control handle (or the 

parking brake switch) is at the braking position and all the control equipment are in the neutral 


z  Sound the horn for warning. 
z  Start the engine. Please refer to 

CHAPTER III – 3.2.2 Starting of Engine.


z  Only start the engine in the cab. Do not start the engine by short circuit. It may destroy the 

machine if it is started from side short circuit. This is very dangerous. 


4.1.4 Check after Starting the Engine 

Check after the engine is started to make sure there is no potential danger.   
z  When examining the machine, park the machine in a spacious place, and do not let unauthorized 

people to get close. 

z  Check whether the engine runs with an abnormal sound or shaking. If so, there may be some 

malfunctions; report to the manager immediately. Operate the machine after the malfunctions are 


z  Test the control of the engine speed in the neutral gear
z  Examine the gauges, meters and warning light; be sure they are in the normal working range. 
z  Operate the control mechanism for the gears. Make sure the front, middle and rear gears are in 

the correct positions. Make sure all the control levers are easy to use. 

z  Examine the foot brake valve and throttle operation valve according to the user manual to make 

sure that they are normal. Check whether the left turning and right turning is smooth at low 

z  Be sure the control lever of the brake valve manual control handle (or the parking brake switch) 

is at rescission of braking state before moving forward. 


Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 



5.1 Warning 

z  The warning light should be turned on to warn the 

other drivers on the road when the machine is 

broken down or operating at a low speed. 


5.2 Safety of self and others 

z  Develop good driving habits to ensure everyone’s safety. 
z  Sound the horn to ensure safety before moving. 
z  Be sure there are no people or blockage on the left 

and right side. 

z  Check the brakes on dry and firm, level ground. 
z  Do not put an arm or foot on the working 

equipment or extend outside the machine. 



z  When driving on the level ground, adjust the lower 

hinge of the arm working equipment to 400~

500mm(16~20in) above the ground. 

z  Always warn people near the machine in all 

direction by sounding the horn. 

z  The door of the cab should be locked when driving. Do not open the door while driving. 




z  It is dangerous to pick up other people. No one 

should sit on the machine body. 






Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Never use the bucket as a people carrier. 


z  Follow the traffic rules on the common roads. Pass the 

crossing road quickly and do not block the road. 



z  Drive on the side of the road and let the other vehicles 

go first. Keep a proper distance from others. 

z  Brake immediately and stop when the engine 






z  Steering unit does not work when engine stops. 

z  Emergency brake could hurt people! 

It is dangerous to shift from forward to backward gear at high speed. 

Never do this!


5.3 Full Load Transportation 

z  Do not keep a full bucket in the high position when moving. Select the proper speed with a full 

load during transport. Lower the bucket to contact 

the tilt block and run with proper height 

(400~500mm above the ground), so that the center of 

gravity can be lowered to insure driving smoothly. 

z  Check the limit lifting weight of the loader. Never 

overload, which may hurt the machine or people. 

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd 

assumes no responsibility for overload injury or 

damage to equipment. 








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