LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 5


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 5



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


3.3 Mounting and Dismounting 

z  Check the handrails and pedals, and if there is oil, lubricant or dirt clean them first to prevent 

slippage. Repair the broken items and fasten the 

loose nuts.   

z  Never jump on or off the machine. Never get on or 

off a moving machine. 





z  When getting on or off the machine, face the machine and use the 

handrails and pedals to ensure that you can support yourself. Keep at 

least three-point contact (two hands/one foot or two feet/one hand) 

with the handrails and pedals to ensure body stability. 

z  Never hold any control levers when getting on or off the machine.   

z  Never get into the operator cab from the ladder at the back of 

machine or get off from the wheel at the side of operator cab. 

z  Never hold any tools or other items when climbing up and down the loader; lift the tools needed 

to the operation flat roof by rope. 

3.4 Fire Prevention 

The following fluids are flammable and must be kept away from high heat and fire engine: lubricant 
for loader engine, hydraulic oil for hydraulic system, hydraulic pressure shafting oil and gear oil for 
transmission system, brake fluid and antifreeze fluid for heat elimination system. 
Observe the following:


z  Keep fire away from flammable fluids. 
z  Add refueling and lubricating oil in well-ventilated 

areas. Stop the engine and no smoking while 

z  Tighten all fuel and oil tank caps firmly. 
z  Put the above flammable liquids in containers with 

relevant tags and put in a separate, proper place for 
storage. Do not allow unauthorized people to use. 

z  Electric welding and flame cutting is not allowed for the tubes containing flammable fluid. Clean 

the tubes with nonflammable fluid before electric welding and flame cutting. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Clean thoroughly the flammable materials such as sawdust, leaves and paper which collect in the 

engine and brake clip, and clean the flammable oil, lubricating oil and other substances on the 

z  While operating, pay attention when the outlet of the muffler is close to flammable materials such 

as withered grass and old papers.   

z  When parking the loader, carefully select the environment; especially select the places where 

there are no flammable materials near the parts with a high temperature such as the muffler. 

z  Check whether there is the leakage of fuel, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. If so, repair or replace 

the broken items. Clean the repaired items before 

z  If there is explosive air generated near the storage 

battery, be sure there is no flame or fire nearby. 
Repair, maintain and use the storage battery as 
referenced in users manual. 

z  Do not use flame or fire (match or lighter) to check 

in a dark place. 

z  The fire extinguisher should be ready for use at all 

times and the user must be knowledgeable about its use and function. Check and maintain it as 
referenced in users manual. 

z  Never operate machine near flame or fire. 
z  Do not short circuit. 

3.5 Precautions When Operating at High Temperature 

z  Just after turning off the engine, the coolant, engine oil and hydraulic oil are at high temperature 

and still under high pressure. The attempt to remove the cap, drain the oil or water, or replace 

filters may lead to serious burns. Always wait for the temperature to go down, and follow the 

specified procedures when performing these 


z  Stop the engine, wait for the water to become cool, 

and then loosen the cap slowly to relieve the inner 

pressure before removing the cap of radiator. 





Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


3.6 Road Driving 

z  Pay attention to the stability of the front and rear of the machine during operation, since work 

equipment may block vision at the front while the load is concentrated on the back wheels.   

z  Be sure there is no fog, soot, sand or dust cloud that may block vision. 

z  Examine the working area and the road condition. 

Check whether there are holes, blockages, slosh or 


z  Understand the objective of the operation; be sure 

to understand the meaning of the flags, signals, and 

labels before the operation begins. 


3.7 Prevent Crushing or Cutting Body 


z  Do not put your hand, arm or other parts of your 

body into movable parts of equipment. If the 

working equipment is in operation, the clearance 

will change and this may lead to serious damage or 

personal injury when standing too close. The 

engine must be turned off and the working 

equipment must be locked if people have to work between the moving components. 

z  Make sure the supporter and the accessories are 

correctly set when some one works under the 
machine. Do not use the hydraulic tank as support. 
The accessories may go down and result in an 
accident when the control system moves or the 
hydraulic tubes leaks. 

z  Never do any adjustments when the machine is 

operating or the engine is working unless there is 
an outstanding reason, such as an emergency. 

z  Stay far away from any rotating and moving parts. 
z  Make sure there is no sundry on the vane of engine. Vane could shoot off or cut off the sundry, 

tools inside. 

z  Do not try to check or maintain a working engine because it is dangerous. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


3.8 Notice of Attachment 

z  Please read the user manual for all of the attachments and the contents in the manual that refers to 

an attachment when the attachment is being assembled and used. 

z  Do not use attachments that are not sold by Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd 

or the sellers specified by Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. Using 

unauthorized attachments may cause safety problems and go against the normal operation of the 

machine, which can influence the service life of the machine.   

z  Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd assumes no responsibility for any injury, 

accident, or destruction of the machine induced by using unauthorized attachments. 


4.1 Before Starting Engine 

4.1.1 Safety Operation at Working Area 

z  Before starting operations, thoroughly inspect the area for any unusual conditions that could be 


z  Examine the condition of the ground and the quality of the soil in the work area, and determine 

the proper method of operation. Before starting work, the ground should be planed and pressed 

firmly. If there is a lot of sand and dust, sprinkle with water first. 

z  When working on public roads, there should be a trained person managing the traffic. Erect the 

barricades and use the sign of DON’T ENTER to ensure safety of passing traffic and 


z  In the places where objects are buried such as water pipes, gas pipes, or high-voltage cables, 

contact the responsible companies to confirm the position of the buried objects and take care not 

to damage them during operations. 

z  When working in water,


swampland or passing a sand bank, check the ground conditions, speed 

and depth of the water. Be sure not to exceed the permitted water depth. After working, check and 

clean the positions where lubricant is needed. Please refer to 



for the depth of water for passage. 

z  Be sure there are good ventilation conditions when working in a close environment. 

4.1.2 Check before Starting the Engine 

z  Check the machine carefully before starting work. Report to the manager if there is any abnormal 








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