Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 8


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Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 8



EF494T OM 



(A) Tachometer 



Fuel gauge 

(A) Red region 

Indicates the remaining fuel level. Prepare to replenish fuel if the 
pointer comes in the red area. 


Water temperature 

(A) Red region  

Indicates the temperature of the cooling water in operation. If the 
pointer comes in the red region, stop the work and check for 



Engine lubricating oil lamp  

This lamp lights when the main switch is turned on and goes off 
when the engine starts. If the lamp lights during engine speed, 
suspect an abnormality in the lubrication circuit.  
Stop the engine immediately and locate the trouble. 

Charge lamp 

The charge lamp goes off when the engine increases its speed 
above 1500 rpm and the battery starts to be charged. Note that 
charging will not take place at an engine speed below 1000 rpm. 


Hour meter 

Indicates the operating hour of the tractor. Multiply the figure in 
white frame by 6 to indicate the operating time in minutes. 



EF494T OM 



Driver's seat adjustment pin 

The driver's seat should be adjusted to suit your physical 

(A) Seat adjust lever  
(B) Release  
(C) Lock




Seat belt  




  Always fasten seat belt while operating the tractor 

with the ROPS.  

  Do not use the seat belt if the tractor does not have 

the Roll-over Protective Structure (ROPS). 


(A) Buckle  
(B) Tongue  

Connect both segments of the belt with the buckle, 
being careful to avoid twisting of the belt, adjust the belt 
length, being suitable for the operator. 
To unfasten, press the release button (marked PRESS
in the buckle. 





EF494T OM 



1. Pre-operation 





  Never lubricate or supply fuel oil while the engine is 


  Never smoke during fuel replenishing.  
  Never use bare lamp/light during fuel replenishing.  
  Do not crawl or step under a service machine.  
  After replenishing fuel, be sure to fasten the fuel tank 

cap and clean off the fuel spill. A fire can result. 







  To check or service your machine, fix it on the flat ground, 

out of traffic of other vehicles or people. Otherwise, the 
tractor can collapse and cause an unexpected accident.  

  When accessing beneath an implement, close the 

hydraulic valve completely to stop the oil flow. Otherwise 
the implement may abruptly fall by any reason, causing 
injuries to the people within the reach. 







  Never fail to stop the engine before checks or 

maintenance. Otherwise, you may be trapped in the 
machine and seriously injured.  

  To check or service the machine, wait until the 

engine and mufflers are cooled down. You may be 

  Never fail to remount the covers and parts detached 

for service. Otherwise, you may be trapped in the 
machine and seriously injured. 





EF494T OM 


For safety reasons, always check the tractor before 
initiating day's works. Remove any abnormalities. 


(1) Abnormalities in previous day. 

(2) Walk around the tractor to look into:  
  Deformed parts, damages, wear. 
  Air pressure of tires, wear of tires. 
  Wear of various parts, loosened bolts and nuts. 
  Loosened bolts and nuts of the tire rims and disks. 



Fuel oil amount and leak, damage on the fuel piping


(3) Check inside the bonnet. 
  Oil level, quality of oil, leak. 



Quantity of cooling water, damage in hoses.


  Color of the hydrometer or level of battery liquid, 

depending on battery type. 












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