Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 7


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Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 7



EF494T OM 





Strictly maintain the PTO speed as specified by the 
implement. Otherwise, the implement can be damaged, 
leading to an accident.  

(A) PTO shift lever  

The PTO shaft (power takeout shaft) changes its speed 
in 2 stages. To change the speed, depress the clutch 
pedal all the way. 




Brake pedal 


For traveling on road, link the both pedals with the 
connector. One sided braking can cause the tractor to 
make an abrupt turn or topple.  

(A) Connector link for traveling on road  
(B) Left Brake  
(C) Right Brake  

Left and right pedals can be operated separately. For a 
sharp turn in the field, depress the brake in which 
direction you want to turn. The rear tire on that side will 
lose drive, providing a sharp turn. For traveling on road, 
never fail to link both pedals with the connector. 



Parking brake lever 

(A)  Parking brake lever 
(B) Brake pedal 

To efficient braking, link the left and right brake pedals 
with the connector.  
Depress the pedals all the way and pull the parking 
brake lever upward.  
To release the brake, push down the parking brake lever 
and depress the parking brake pedal. 





EF494T OM 


Clutch pedal  

(A) Clutch pedal  

To disengage the clutch function, quickly depress the 
pedal. To engage, slowly release the pedal. Do not keep 
your foot on the clutch pedal unless necessary. 
Otherwise, the lifetime of the clutch may be reduced. 



Differential lock pedal 




Never fail to turn off the differential lock to make a turn. 
Otherwise, you cannot make an intended turn and an 
accident may result.  

(A) Differential lock pedal  
(B) Release lock  
(C) Press to activate differential lock  

This pedal makes both side wheels to turn as a 
consolidated form if one of rear wheels idles. This 
arrangement is useful to avoid slippage in muddy 
Depressing the pedal automatically causes a differential 
lock condition. Releasing the pedal unlocks the 
differential system. 




2WD/4WD lever 

(A) Front wheel drive lever 
(B) ON: Four-wheel drive 
(C) OFF: Two-wheel drive 

This lever is used to switch between two and four-wheel 





EF494T OM 


Hydraulic system 

Position control lever 

(A) Position control lever  
(B) Raise  
(C) Lower  
(D) Stopper  

This lever fixes an implement in a definite position.  
The stopper is used to limit the working range of the 
position control lever. To adjust the stopper position, 
loosen the knob.  



Upper stopper stowage  
Set the knob in the uppermost position.  

(A) Upper  
(B) Upper stopper  
(C) Position control lever  
(D) Knob 


Adjusting the stopper  
Move the knob to a required position. 


Preventing an implement from dropping  
Set the lever as illustrated. 


Hydraulic stop and slow return valve  

Hydraulic stop, Slow return valve  

(A) Hydraulic stop, slow return valve  
(B) Fast lowering of implement  
(C) Slow lowering of implement  

Fully clockwise turn stops hydraulic pressure.  
Slow return function adjusts the lowering speed of an 
implement. Fully clockwise turn stops hydraulic pressure 
to the implement. 




EF494T OM 



Turn signal switch  

Turn signal functions when key switch turns on.   
Turn the turn signal switch anticlockwise to blink right 
side turn signal lamp and turn clockwise to blink left side 

(A) Turn signal switch 

(R) Right lamp blinks. 
(L) Left lamp blinks. 






Head light switch 

Headlights turn on when key switch turns on. 
Turn head light switch clockwise to turn on head lights. 

(B) Light 


(OFF) Headlights turn off. 
(LB) Headlights turn on with low beam. 
(HB) Headlights turn on with high beam. 






When there is an oncoming vehicle in night time, be 
sure to switch to low beam position.  If keep on high 
beam, it may cause traffic accident. 




Horn button 

Horn functions when key switch turns on. 
Push horn button to blow horn. 

(C) Horn button 
















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