Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 4


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Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 4



EF494T OM 



Do not service the tractor while it is in motion or while 
the engine is running. 
Before servicing the tractor, always set the parking 
brake, block the wheels, lower the implement, release all 
hydraulic pressure and place all the controls in neutral. 




Use only the correct tools and equipment. 



Unauthorized modification to the tractor may impair its 
function, create an unsafe situation and reduce the 
tractor’s useful working life. 
Do not use substitute parts that may not meet the 
strength and design requirements or may not fit the 
Do not use repair parts not approved by YANMAR. 



Remove the radiator cap only when the coolant 
temperature is low. Wait at least one hour after 
operation, to allow the coolant to cool down. 
Cover the radiator cap with a cloth before opening it and 
release the pressure gradually before completely 
removing the cap. 



Do not service the hydraulic system when the hydraulic 
oil is hot. 
Do not set the relief valve pressure higher than stated in 
the tractor or implement specifications. 
Do not close off the overflow or bypass lines. 



EF494T OM 



Hydraulic oil or diesel fuel escaping under pressure can 
penetrate the skin and cause serious injury. Before 
disconnecting any lines, be sure to relieve all pressure. 
Before applying pressure, be sure all connections are 
tight and all components are in good condition. 



Fluid escaping under pressure from a very small hole 
can be almost invisible. Wear safety goggles for eye 
protection and use a piece of cardboard to check for 
suspected leaks. Do not use your hands. If injured by 
escaping fluid, see a doctor at once. Serious infections 
and other problems can develop if proper medical 
treatment is not administered immediately. 



Disconnect the battery ground cable before working on 
the electrical system or working in any area where you 
might come into contact with electrical components. 
Disconnect the ground cable first and reconnect it last. 



The sulfuric acid in a battery is poisonous. It can destroy 
clothing and burn the skin. Wear eye protection and 
rubber gloves when filling the battery. If you spill acid on 
yourself, flush your skin with water and apply baking 
soda or lime to neutralize the acid. Then seek medical 
attention right away. If acid is swallowed, get medical 
attention immediately! 





EF494T OM 



Whenever the tractor will not be used for a few months, 
do the following: 
(1) Drain the fuel tank. 
(2) Lower any implement still attached. 
(3) Set the parking brake and block the wheels. 
(4) Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place, 

out of the reach of children. 








  Follow the guidelines of the governmental agency for 

the proper disposal of hazardous materials such as 
engine oil, diesel fuel, engine coolant and, machine 
fluid, grease. 

  NEVER dispose of hazardous materials 

irresponsibly by dumping them into a sewer, on the 
ground, or into groundwater or waterways.  

  Failure to follow these procedures may seriously 

harm the environment. 

  Comply with legal regulations and guidelines for 

disposal of: empty containers for fuel, cooling water 
(coolant), oil, grease; fuel/oil filters; batteries; 
machine itself; machine accessories; and packaging 






EF494T OM 



After sales service 

If your tractor is not working normally, refer to the 
troubleshooting section in this manual. You can also 
consult with your service representative.  
Information needed when asking for service: 
  Model name and serial number (A) of your tractor.  
  Engine type number (B) 
  Operating conditions. What type of work was being 

performed when the problem occurred? 

  How long have you used your tractor? (total hours of 


  Any other information about the problem that has 


Availability of spare parts 

Maintenance parts and spare parts will be available for 
10 years after the production of this tractor series has 
been discontinued. However, special parts will be 
available subject to consultation. Yanmar may be able to 
supply a particular part after the normal supply period. 

(A) Tractor serial number 
(B) Engine type number 







This machine is designed to be operated with a various 
implement for particular tasks and for pulling a trailer in 
a variety of agricultural operations. Other use or 
modification is prohibited. 
Orientation and Position Marks  
A right-hand and Left-hand side of the machine is 
determined by facing in the direction of the machine 
forward travel. 










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