LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 24


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LG956 Wheel Loader. Manual - part 24



Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 












 Oil Replacement 

z  Park the machine on level ground and run in idle status for about 10 minutes. Trample the 

accelerator gently to move the machine slowly to let the oil drain plug on the wheel side of the 

front axle go to the lowest position 

z  Shut engine. Push transmission lever in the neutral (“N”) position. Pull the brake valve manual 

control handle or press the parking brake lever to carry out braking, and wedge the front and rear 


z  Loosen the oil drain plugs on the two wheels on the end sides of the front axle and the oil drain 

plugs at the center bottom of the axle shell to drain oil to the container. 




The temperature of gear oil may be high, so wear protective 

clothes, and operate it carefully to prevent injury. 

z  Drain out all the old oil and screw tight the oil drain plugs at the center bottom of the axle shell.   

z  Start engine. Press the brake valve manual control handle or rotate the parking brake switch until 

it rebounds to release the brake. Move the machine slowly with gentle acceleration to let the oil 

draining port at the end of wheel side move into the horizontal position, and then shut the engine. 

Put the transmission lever in the neutral position. Pull the brake valve manual control handle or 

press the parking brake switch to carry out braking. 

z  Add new gear oil from the oil drain port at the end of two wheels sides of the front axle and the 

oil inlet port at the middle of the axle shell (about 32L). And then check the oil level again. 

z  Tighten the oil drain plugs at the end of two wheels sides of the front axle and the oil adding plug 

at the middle of the axle shell. 

z  Replace the rear axle gear oil according to the procedures above.   

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


3.6.5 Adding Oil to Hydraulic Oil Box 

 Oil Level Check 

z  Park the machine on level ground and lower the bucket 

to the ground. Check whether there is an angle between 

front and rear frame. 

z  Check the oil level indicator of the hydraulic oil box on 

the left side of the machine. The oil level is normal if the 

level indicator scale is at a range of 12±2. If the oil level 

indicator is lower than scale 10 of the middle scale, please add hydraulic oil. Refer to 



Selection of Oil, Fuel and Coolant

 for selection of oil. 

 Oil Replacement 




While replacing oil if other maintenance needs to be done do 

so following the relevant rules, and pay attention to safety. 





Pay attention to the clarity of the oil while replacing it; never 

let other materials enter the hydraulic system directly. 

z  Clean out the in bucket. Park the machine on level ground and put the transmission lever in the 

neutral position. Pull the brake valve manual control handle or press the braking control lever to 

carry out braking. Start the engine and keep in the idle status for 10 minutes. Raise and lower the 

lift arm several times, and tilt the bucket forward and backward several times. 

z  Raise the lift arm to the highest position; tilt the bucket backwards to the extreme position and 

shut the engine. 

z  Push the bucket control lever forward to let the bucket tilt forward freely by its weight. Drain out 

the oil in the bucket cylinder. After the bucket has tilted to the desired position, push the lift arm 

control lever forward to let the lift arm fall down by its weight freely. Drain out the oil in the lift 

arm cylinder. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 















z  Loosen the oil releasing spherical valve on the oil tank bottom to drain the oil to the container. 

Open the oil inlet cover at the same time to fasten the draining process. 

z  Disassemble the flange cover of the oil box bottom. Clean the oil tank inside, the oil adding port 

and the oil returning filter elements. If the elements are broken, please replace with a new one.. 

z  Tighten the flange cover and oil draining spherical valve again. 

z  Add oil to the oil adding port on the top of the tank until the oil level reaches the middle value of 

the indicator. Tighten the oil adding port cover. Never add oil directly to the oil tank without oil 

filter elements. 

z  Start engine, and raise and lower lift arm. Tilt the bucket forward and backward the bucket to the 

extreme position 2~3 times to let the hydraulic oil fill the cylinders and pipes sufficiently. And 

run the engine in the idle status for 5 minutes to release the air in the system. 

z  Shut the engine. Check the oil level. Add oil when it is not enough. 


3.7 Long-Time Storage 

3.7.1 Before Storage 

When putting the machine in storage for a long time, be sure to do as follows: 

z  After every part is washed and dried, house the machine in a dry building. Never leave it 

outdoors. If the machine must be outdoors, park it on well-drained concrete and cover it with 


z  Add lubricant grease and change hydraulic oil before storage. 

z  Apply a thin coat of grease to hydraulic piston rods which appear outside. 




The temperature of hydraulic oil may be high, so wear 

protective clothes, and operate carefully to prevent injury. 

Operation & Maintenance Manual──LG956L Wheel Loader 


z  Disassemble the negative electrode of the battery and cover it, or remove it from the machine and 

store it separately. 

z  Lower the bucket to the ground and set all control handles to the Neutral position. Pull the brake 

valve control handle or press the parking brake switch and lock the cab door. 

3.7.2 During Storage 





Open doors and windows to ensure ventilation and exhaust to allow 

of poisonous gas if the antirust is used in the building. 


Start the machine once a month so that lubricant can be coated over the surface of the movable parts 

and other components surfaces. The battery in storage can be charged at the same time. 

Wipe off the grease which has coated the hydraulic cylinder rods before work and operation. 

3.7.3 After Storage 

Do as follows after long-term storage of machine. 

z  Wipe off the grease coated on the hydraulic cylinder rods. 

z  Add oil and grease to all the requisite positions. 





















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