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Harley Davidson 1984-1998 FLH, FLHT, FXR, FXSB, FXEF. Service manual - page 3
































This chapter describes disassembly and repair of the front and rear wheels and hubs as well as tire service. Refer to Chaptcr Three for routine maintenance.

Tables 1-5 are at the end of the chapter.


Many procedures in this chaptcr require that the front or rear wheel be lifted off the ground. To do this, a motorcycle front end stand (Figure 1), or swing arm stand, or suitable size jack is required. Before purchasing or using a stand, check the manufacturer's instructions to make sure the stand will work with the specific model being worked on. If any adjustments to the motorcycle and/or stand or accessories are required, perform the necessary adjustments or install the correct parts before lifting the motorcycle. When using the stand, have an assistant standing by to help. Some means to tic down one end of the motorcycle might also be required. After lifting it onto a stand, make sure the motorcycle is properly supported.

If a motorcycle stand is not available, use a scissor jack (Figure 2) with adapters that securely fit onto the frame tubes (Figure 3).



Due to the number of models and years covered in this manual, this procedure represents a typical front wheel removal and installation.

1. Support the motorcycle with the front wheel off the ground. Refer to Motorcycle Stands in this chapter.

2. Remove the front caliper as described in Chapter Thirteen. On models so equipped, repeat for the opposite brake caliper.


Prior to removing the front axle nut. record the side from which the front axle is installed. The axle must be reinstalled through the same side.

3. Remove the axle nut (Figure 4), lockwasher and flat washer.













































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