Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 13


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Yanmar diesel tractor EF494T. OPERATOR'S MANUAL - part 13



EF494T OM 


(10) Check chains 

Adjust check chains (A). 
1) For use of implements such as a plough, harrow and 

subsoil, adjust check chains (A) so that an 
implement can move 5 - 6 cm to right and left.   
Prevent an implement from swinging to hit against 
the wheels and tires. 

2) For use of implements such as a rotary tiller and 

mower, adjust check chains (A) so that an 
implement can move 1cm to right and left. 

(11) Dismantling is done in the reverse order as the 

fixing process. 



  Remove the drawbar if the drawbar interferes with an 


  Fasten lower links to prevent from swinging to hit 

against wheels and tires when driving the tractor 
without an implement. 



Notes on using service implement 


  When moving the tractor to mount an implement, never allow a 

person or persons between the tractor and the implement.  

  Mount or dismantle an implement on a flat ground using a safe 

method. Use the lighting during nighttime works.  

  When a heavy implement is mounted on the tractor, apply a 

counterbalance to maintain a balanced condition. 

  Before leaving the tractor for mounting an implement, never fail 

to engage the parking brake and stop the engine. Make sure the 
PTO shift lever is in N. 

  For traction work, always use the draw bar. Do not attach to 

other parts of the tractor.  

  Use a wider wheel span for a traction work or works on the 


  Do not operate the low speed machines at a higher speed than 

the rated. Maintain the rated PTO speed.  

  When drawing a trailer, interlock the trailer brake with the tractor 

brake. Do not change the shift on the slope.  

  Mounting an implement machine results in a considerable overall 

length; be careful not to hit farmers or constructions in the 


Negligence of safety precautions may cause serious injury 
or death. 





Running the PTO speed below or above the rated operating speed of 
the implement may cause damage to the tractor or the implement. 




EF494T OM 



Using PTO shift lever 


USE the specified PTO Speed. If not, the implement 
can be damaged and cause an injury to people in 
PTO speed can be changed in 2 stages to suit a 
particular work. To change the shift, completely 
disengage the PTO clutch by stepping on the PTO clutch 
pedal. When the PTO is not used such as while running 
on the road, set the PTO shift lever at N position.  

(A) PTO shift lever  
PTO speed  
PTO shift  PTO speed (rpm)  
1                  568  
2                  769  
(Engine speed is : 2800rpm) 




Using drawbar hitch 


Traction should always be done with the drawbar hitch. 
Traction at the top link or rear axle causes the tractor to 
roll over. 
A stationary drawbar hitch is provided.




(A) Draw bar hitch 
(B) Fixing pin 


Combined PTO drive and traction  

For a combined operation of PTO drive and traction, the 
length from the edge of the PTO shaft to the mounting 
position on the drawbar hitch implement is set to 356 mm.


Avoid injury!  

  Use only the drawbar that was provided with the 

machine. Do not install or use a floating-type drawbar 
or any other type drawbar. 

  If a longer drawbar hitch were installed, there is a 

possibility that the attached section might be 
damaged and the implement could become 

  Hitch towed loads only to the drawbar to avoid 

rearward upset. 




Avoid damage! 

  Maximum static vertical load on drawbar should not 

exceed the maximum recommendations. Drive slowly 
with heavy loads. 

  Strain is greatly increased by speed and rough 

ground. Do not exceed maximum vertical load 374kg 
on drawbar. 




EF494T OM 



Safety frame (ROPS) 

The safety frame is designed to protect the driver from an 
accident. Never fail to use the safety frame when the 
tractor is in use. 


  Always fasten the seat belt while operating the tractor 

with Roll-over Protective Structure up. 

  Do not use the seat belt if the foldable Roll-Over 

Protective Structure (ROPS) is in the folded position or 
the tractor does not have the ROPS. 

  Do not modify the safety frame. Safety factor can be 


  Damaged frame should be replaced as a complete set. 

Partial repair may lead loss of safety level. 



Folding in safety frame 

(1)  Loosen bolts (B) and remove bolts (A). 
(2)  Push down the frame backward. 
(3)  Install bolts (A) as the right figure shows and 

tighten all bolts (A), (B). 


(A) Bolt M16x100   2 pieces 
(B) Bolt M16x100   2 pieces






Setting up the safety frame 

(1)  Loosen bolts (B) and remove bolts (A) 
(2)  Push up the frame. 
(3)  Install bolts (A) as the right upper figure shows 

and tighten all bolts (A) and (B). 
Bolt tightening torque: 

 167-206 N-m (17-21 kgf-m

(A) 26156-161002 Bolt M16x100, plated   2 pcs. 
(B) 26156-161002 Bolt M16x100, plated   2 pcs. 
(C) 26356-160002 U-nut, M16                  4 pcs. 
(D) 22137-160000 Washer 16, polished   8 pcs. 







EF494T OM 



1. After operation 



To cover the tractor for storage, allow at least 10 
minutes of cooling time after the engine has been 
stopped. Otherwise, a fire may start.  
Wash the tractor with water, wipe off, and lubricate the 
moving parts and sliding parts. Fill grease to the grease 


  Never fail to stop the engine before stating checks 

and maintenance. You may be pulled into the 
machine and be injured.  

  Wait until the muffler and the engine get cool before 

starting checks and maintenance. 

Be careful not to spray water on electrical parts. Water 
infiltration can cause a trouble in the electrical system. 




2. Opening the bonnet and side covers 


Opening/closing the bonnet 



Push down the bonnet lever (A) to release the 

bonnet lock.  


Lift the bonnet and fix it with the stopper (B).  



Lift slightly up the bonnet to unlock the stopper 

(B); mount the stopper (B) in the clip.  


Lower the bonnet and press it down until a click 

is heard. 












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