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Opel Mokka (2017 year). Manual - part 7




Instruments and controls

Radio Settings

See Infotainment manual for further

Phone Settings

See Infotainment manual for further

Navigation Settings

See Infotainment manual for further

Display Settings

● Home Page Menu:

See Infotainment manual for

further information.

● Rear Camera Options:

Press to adjust the rear camera

options 3 146.

● Display Off:

See Infotainment manual for

further information.

● Map Settings:

See Infotainment manual for

further information.

Vehicle Settings

● Climate and Air Quality

Auto Fan Speed: Modifies the fan

speed regulation. Changed

setting will be active after

switching the ignition off and on

Air Conditioning Mode: Activates

or deactivates cooling when

switching on the ignition or uses

the last chosen setting.
Auto Demist: Activates or

deactivates auto demist.
Auto Rear Demist: Activates the

heated rear window


● Comfort and Convenience

Chime Volume: Changes the

volume of warning chimes.
Personalisation by Driver:

Activates or deactivates the

personalisation function.
Auto Reverse Gear Wiper:

Activates or deactivates

automatic switching on of the

rear window wiper when reverse

gear is engaged.

● Collision Detection Systems

Park Assist: Activates or

deactivates the ultrasonic


● Lighting

Vehicle Locator Lights: Activates

or deactivates the entry lighting.
Exit Lighting: Activates or

deactivates and changes the

duration of exit lighting.

● Power Door Locks

Open Door Anti Lock Out:

Activates or deactivates the

automatic door locking function

while a door is open.
Auto Door Lock: Activates or

deactivates the automatic door

unlocking function after switching

off ignition. Activates or

deactivates the automatic door

locking function after driving-off.
Delay Door Lock: Activates or

deactivates the delayed door

locking function.

● Remote Lock/Unlock/Start

Remote Lock Feedback:

Activates or deactivates the

hazard warning light feedback

whilst locking.
Remote Unlock Feedback:

Activates or deactivates the


Instruments and controls


hazard warning flasher feedback

whilst unlocking.
Remote Door Unlock: Changes

the configuration to unlock only

the driver's door or the entire

vehicle whilst unlocking.
Relock Remotely Unlocked

Doors: Activates or deactivates

the automatic relock function

after unlocking without opening

the vehicle.

● Return to Factory Settings?:

Resets all settings to the default



OnStar is a personal connectivity and

service assistant with integrated

Wi-Fi hotspot. The OnStar service is

available 24 hours a day, seven days

a week.


OnStar is not available for all

markets. For further information,

contact your workshop.

In order to be available and

operational, OnStar needs a valid

OnStar subscription, functioning

vehicle electrics, mobile service and

GPS satellite link.

To activate the OnStar services and

set up an account, press Z and speak

with an advisor.
Depending on the equipment of the

vehicle, the following services are


● Emergency services and support

in the case of a vehicle


● Wi-Fi hotspot

● Smartphone application
● Remote control, e.g. location of

the vehicle, activation of horn and

lights, control of central locking


● Stolen vehicle assistance
● Vehicle diagnostics
● Destination download


The OnStar module of the vehicle is

deactivated after ten days without an

ignition cycle. Functions requiring a

data connection will be available

again after switching on the ignition.

OnStar buttons



Instruments and controls


Depending on the equipment, the

OnStar buttons can also be

integrated in the rear view mirror.

Privacy button

Press and hold j until a message is

heard to activate or deactivate the

transmission of the vehicle location.
Press j to answer a call or to end a

call to an advisor.
Press j to access the Wi-Fi settings.

Service button

Press Z to establish a connection to

an advisor.

SOS button

Press [ to establish a priority

emergency connection to a specially

trained emergency advisor.

Status LED

Green: The system is ready.
Green flashing: The system is on a

Red: A problem arose.
Off: System is in standby mode.

Red / green flashing for a short period

of time: Transmission of the vehicle

location has been deactivated.

OnStar services

General services

If you need any information

concerning e.g. opening hours, points

of interest and destinations or if you

need any support e.g. in the case of a

vehicle breakdown, a flat tyre and

empty fuel tank, press Z to establish

a connection to an advisor.

Emergency services

In the case of an emergency situation,

press [ and talk to an advisor. The

advisor then contacts emergency or

assistance service providers and

directs them to your vehicle.
In the case of an accident with

activation of airbags or belt

tensioners, an automatic emergency

call is established. The advisor is

immediately connected to your

vehicle to see whether help is


Wi-Fi hotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot of the vehicle

provides internet connectivity with a

maximum speed of 4G/LTE.


The Wi-Fi hotspot functionality is not

available for all markets.

Up to seven devices may be

To connect a mobile device with the

Wi-Fi hotspot:

1. Press j and then select Wi-Fi

settings on the Info-Display. The

settings displayed include the Wi-

Fi hotspot name (SSID),

password and connection type.

2. Start a Wi-Fi network search on

your mobile device.

3. Select your vehicle hotspot

(SSID) when listed.

4. When prompted, enter the

password on your mobile device.


Instruments and controls



To change the SSID or password,

press Z and talk to an advisor or log

in to your account.

To switch off the Wi-Fi hotspot

functionality, press Z to call an


Smartphone app

With the myOpel smartphone app,

some vehicle functions can be

operated remotely.
The following functions are available:

● Lock or unlock vehicle.
● Honk horn or flash lights.
● Check fuel level, engine oil life

and tyre pressure (only with tyre

pressure monitoring system).

● Send navigation destination to

the vehicle, if equipped with a

built-in navigation system.

● Locate vehicle on a map.
● Manage Wi-Fi settings.

To operate these functions, download

the app from Apple's App Store or

Google Play Store.

Remote control

If desired, use any phone to call an

advisor, who can remotely operate

specific vehicle functions. Find the

respective OnStar phone number on

our country-specific website.
The following functions are available:

● Lock or unlock vehicle.
● Provide information on the

vehicle location.

● Honk horn or flash lights.

Stolen vehicle assistance

If the vehicle is stolen, report the theft

to the authorities and request OnStar

stolen vehicle assistance. Use any

phone to call an advisor. Find the

respective OnStar phone number on

our country-specific website.
OnStar can provide support in

locating and recovering the vehicle.
Theft alert

When the anti-theft alarm system is

triggered, a notification is sent to

OnStar. You are then informed about

this event by text message or email.

Restart prevention

By sending remote signals, OnStar

can prevent the vehicle from

restarting once it has been turned off.

On-demand diagnostics

At any time e.g. if the vehicle displays

a vehicle message, press Z to

contact an advisor and ask to

complete a real-time diagnostic check

to directly determine the issue.

Depending on the results, the advisor

will provide further support.

Diagnostic report

The vehicle automatically transmits

diagnostic data to OnStar which

sends a monthly email report to you

and your preferred workshop.


The workshop notification function

can be disabled in your account.

The report contains the status of key

operating systems of the vehicle like

engine, transmission, airbags, ABS,

and other major systems. It also

provides information on possible



Instruments and controls

maintenance items and tyre pressure

(only with tyre pressure monitoring

To look at the information in greater

detail, select the link within the email

and log in to your account.

Destination download

A desired destination can be directly

downloaded to the navigation system.
Press Z to call an advisor and

describe the destination or point of

The advisor can look up any address

or point of interest and directly send

the destination to the built-in

navigation system.

OnStar settings

OnStar PIN

To have full access to all OnStar

services, a four-digit PIN is required.

The PIN has to be personalised when

first talking to an advisor.
To change the PIN, press Z to call an


Account data

An OnStar subscriber has an account

where all the data is stored. To

request a change of the account

information, press Z and talk to an

advisor or log in to your account.
If the OnStar service is used on

another vehicle, press Z and request

that the account be transferred to the

new vehicle.


In any case, if the vehicle is disposed

of, sold or otherwise transferred,

immediately inform OnStar about

the changes and terminate the

OnStar service on this vehicle.

Vehicle location

The vehicle location is transmitted to

OnStar when service is requested or

triggered. A message on the Info-

Display informs about this

To activate or deactivate the

transmission of the vehicle location,

press and hold j until an audio

message is heard.

The deactivation is indicated by the

status light flashing red and green for

a short period of time and each time

the vehicle is started.


If the transmission of the vehicle

location is deactivated, some

services are no longer available.

The vehicle location always remains

accessible to OnStar in the case of

an emergency.

Find the privacy policy in your


Software updates

OnStar may remotely carry out

software updates without further

notice or consent. These updates are

to enhance or maintain safety and

security or the operation of the

These updates may concern privacy

issues. Find the privacy policy in your






Exterior lighting .......................... 107

Light switch .............................. 107

Automatic light control ............. 108

High beam ............................... 108

Headlight flash ......................... 109

Headlight range adjustment .... 109

Headlights when driving

abroad .................................... 109

Daytime running lights ............. 110

Adaptive forward lighting ......... 110

Hazard warning flashers .......... 112

Turn and lane-change signals . 113

Front fog lights ......................... 113

Rear fog light ........................... 113

Reversing lights ....................... 113

Misted light covers ................... 114

Interior lighting ........................... 114

Instrument panel illumination

control ..................................... 114

Interior lights ............................ 114

Reading lights .......................... 115

Glove box lighting .................... 115

Sunvisor lights ......................... 115

Lighting features ........................ 115

Entry lighting ............................ 115

Exit lighting .............................. 116

Battery discharge protection .... 116

Exterior lighting

Light switch

Turn light switch:

: lights off


: sidelights


: low beam

Control indicator 8 3 88.




Light switch with Automatic light


Turn light switch:
AUTO : automatic light control:

exterior lighting is switched

on and off automatically

depending on external

lighting conditions


: activation or deactivation of

the automatic light control.

Switch turns back to AUTO


: sidelights


: low beam

Tail lights

Tail lights are illuminated together

with low beam and sidelights.

Automatic light control

When the automatic light control

function is switched on and the

engine is running, the system

switches between daytime running

light and low beam automatically,

depending on the lighting conditions.
Daytime running light 3 110.

Automatic headlight activation

During poor lighting conditions the

low beam is switched on.

Tunnel detection

When a tunnel is entered the low

beam is switched on.
Adaptive forward lighting 3 110.

High beam

To switch from low to high beam,

push lever.
To switch to low beam, push lever

again or pull.




Headlight flash

To activate the headlight flash, pull


Headlight range adjustment

Manual headlight range


To adapt headlight range to the

vehicle load to prevent dazzling: turn

thumb wheel ? to required position.
0 : front seats occupied

1 : all seats occupied

2 : all seats occupied and load

compartment laden

3 : driver's seat occupied and load

compartment laden

Headlights when driving


The asymmetrical headlight beam

extends visibility at the edge of the

road at the passenger side.
However, when driving in countries

where traffic drives on the opposite

side of the road, adjust the headlights

to prevent dazzling of oncoming


Vehicles with halogen headlight


The adjusting screws are located

above the headlight.
Turn the adjusting screws with the

screwdriver clockwise by half a turn.
For deactivation, turn the adjusting

screws anticlockwise by half a turn.





Have the adjustment of the

headlights checked after

We recommend consulting a


Vehicles with adaptive forward

lighting system

1. Key in ignition switch.
2. Pull turn signal lever and hold

(headlight flash).

3. Switch on ignition.
4. After approx. three seconds, an

acoustic signal sounds.

The headlights are aimed

Every time the ignition is switched on,

control indicator f flashes as a

reminder for approx. four seconds.
For deactivation, operate the same

procedure as described above.

Control indicator f will not flash when

function is deactivated.
Control indicator f 3 88.

Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights increase

visibility of the vehicle during daylight.
They are switched on automatically

when ignition is on.

Adaptive forward lighting

The Adaptive forward lighting

functions are only available with Bi-

Xenon headlights. Light range, light

distribution and intensity of light are

variably triggered depending on the

light conditions, weather and road


Playstreet lighting

Activated automatically at low speed

up to approx. 30 km/h. The light beam

is turned at an angle of -5°/3° to the


Town lighting

Activated automatically at a speed up

to approx. 50 km/h and when street

lights are detected by the light sensor.

The light range is reduced by an

extended light distribution.

Country lighting

Activated automatically at a speed

range between approx. 50 and

115 km/h. The beam of light and the

brightness is different between the

left and the right side.




Motorway lighting

Activated automatically at a speed

above approx. 115 km/h and minimal

steering movements. It switches on

after a delay or directly when the

vehicle is powerfully accelerated. The

light beam is longer and brighter.

Adverse weather lighting

Activated automatically up to a speed

of approx. 70 km/h, when the rain

sensor recognises condensation or

the wiper operates continuously. The

range, distribution and light intensity

is regulated variably depending on


Dynamic curve lighting

The light beam pivots based on

steering wheel angle and speed,

improving lighting in curves.
Control indicator f 3 88.

Corner lighting

On tight bends or when turning off,

depending on the steering angle or

the turn signal light, an additional left

or right reflector is switched on which

illuminates the road at an right angle

to the direction of travel. It is activated

up to a speed of 40 km/h.
Control indicator f 3 88.

Reversing function

If the headlights are on and reverse

gear is engaged, both corner lights

are switched on. They remain

illuminated for 20 seconds after

disengaging reverse gear or until

driving faster than 17 km/h in a

forward gear.

High beam assist

This feature allows high beam as

main driving light by night and when

vehicle speed is faster than 40 km/h.
It switches to low beam when:

● The camera in the windscreen

detects the lights of oncoming or

preceding vehicles.

● The vehicle speed is slower than

20 km/h.

● It is foggy or snowy.
● Driving in urban areas.





The high beam assist is activated by

pushing the indicator lever twice at a

speed above 40 km/h.
The green control indicator l

illuminates continuously when the

assist is activated, the blue one 7

illuminates when high beam is on.
Control indicator l 3 88.


Push indicator lever once. It is also

deactivated when front or rear fog

lights are switched on.

If a headlight flash is activated when

the high beam is on, the high beam

assist will be deactivated.
If a headlight flash is activated when

the high beam is off, the high beam

assist will remain activated.
High beam assist is always active

after the ignition is switched on.

Dynamic automatic headlight


To prevent oncoming traffic from

dazzle, headlight levelling is

automatically adjusted based on

inclination information measured by

front and rear axle, acceleration or

deceleration and vehicle speed.

Fault in Adaptive forward lighting


When the system detects a failure in

the Adaptive forward lighting system,

the system moves to a preset position

to avoid dazzling of oncoming traffic.

Have the cause of the failure

remedied by a workshop as soon as


Hazard warning flashers

Operated by pressing ¨.




Turn and lane-change


lever up

: right turn signal

lever down : left turn signal
If the lever is moved past the

resistance point, the turn signal is

switched on constantly. When the

steering wheel moves back, the turn

signal is automatically deactivated.
For three flashes, e.g. when changing

lanes, press the lever until resistance

is felt and then release.

With a trailer connected, turn signal

flashes six times and tone frequency

changes when pressing the lever until

resistance is felt and then releasing.
Move the lever to the resistance point

and hold for longer indication.
Switch the turn signal off manually by

moving the lever to its original


Front fog lights

Operated by pressing >.

Rear fog light

Operated by pressing r.
Light switch in position AUTO:

switching on rear fog light will switch

headlights on automatically.
Light switch in position 8: rear fog

light can only be switched on with

front fog lights.

Reversing lights

The reversing light comes on when

the ignition is on and reverse gear is





Misted light covers

The inside of the light housing may

mist up briefly in poor, wet and cold

weather conditions, in heavy rain or

after washing. The mist disappears

quickly by itself; to help switch on the


Interior lighting

Instrument panel

illumination control

Brightness of the following lights can

be adjusted when the exterior lights

are on:

● instrument panel illumination
● steering wheel controls

Turn thumb wheel A and hold until

the desired brightness is obtained.

Interior lights

Courtesy light


Operate rocker switch:
press v : off


: automatic switching on

and off

press u : on





Operate rocker switch:
⃒ : on


: automatic switching on and off


: off

Reading lights

The front reading lights are located in

the overhead console.
Press s and t to turn each light on

or off.

Glove box lighting

Illuminates when the glovebox is


Sunvisor lights

Illuminates when the cover is opened.

Lighting features

Entry lighting

Welcome lighting

Following lights are switched on for a

short time by unlocking the vehicle

with the radio remote control:

● low beam
● sidelights
● tail lights
● number plate lights
● instrument panel light
● interior lights

This function works only in the dark

and facilitates locating the vehicle.
Activation or deactivation of this

function can be changed in the

vehicle settings. Vehicle

personalisation 3 100.
The following lights will additionally

switch on when driver's door is


● illumination of some switches
● some interior lights




Exit lighting

Low beam, sidelights and tail lights

illuminate the surrounding area for an

adjustable time after leaving the


Switching on

Activation, deactivation and duration

of lighting of this function can be

changed in the vehicle settings.

Vehicle personalisation 3 100.

1. Switch off ignition.
2. Remove ignition key.
3. Open driver's door.

4. Pull turn signal lever.
5. Close driver's door.

If the driver's door is not closed the

lights switch off after a few seconds.
The lighting is switched off

immediately if the turn signal lever is

pulled while the driver's door is open.

Battery discharge protection

To prevent discharge of the battery

when the ignition is switched off,

some interior lights are switched off

automatically after some time.


Climate control


Climate control

Climate control systems ............. 117

Heating and ventilation system 117

Air conditioning system ........... 118

Electronic climate control

system .................................... 119

Auxiliary heater ........................ 122

Air vents ..................................... 122

Adjustable air vents ................. 122

Fixed air vents ......................... 122

Maintenance .............................. 123

Air intake ................................. 123

Pollen filter ............................... 123

Air conditioning regular

operation ................................ 123

Service .................................... 123

Climate control systems

Heating and ventilation


Controls for:

● air distribution
● temperature
● fan speed
● demisting and defrosting

Heated rear window Ü 3 32.


red : warm

blue : cold

Heating will not be fully effective until

the engine has reached normal

operating temperature.

Air distribution


: to windscreen and front door



: to head area


: to foot well and windscreen

Combination settings are possible.

Fan speed

Adjust the air flow by switching the fan

to the desired speed.

Demisting and defrosting

● Press V: fan automatically

switches to higher speed, the air

distribution is directed towards

the windscreen.

● Set temperature control to

warmest level.

● Switch on heated rear window Ü.
● Open side air vents as required

and direct them towards the door










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