Mazda Speed 6. Manual - part 19


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Mazda Speed 6. Manual - part 19





NAVI (DVD Satellite Navigation System)

Similar to MAZDA3 and RX-8 (does not support voice commands)

The remote control can be removed from the cradle for use by a passenger

Maps have 3-dimensional characteristics which help show road contour

The DVD-ROM drive which stores map data is under the front passenger seat

There are new searching options for customers such as searching by phone 




Chassis Stiffening to Improve Body Rigidity

Torsional rigidity has been improved by approximately 50% over MAZDA6

Local reinforcement on sub-assemblies to limit weight ,increase rigidity

Advantages include overall rigid feel, improved grip of rear suspension, and 
steering response

Four angled diagonal brace members added behind the rear seats 
(eliminating the fold down function)

The cross members atop the fl oor join the left and right sides of the cabin  to 
support the damper mounts

The strength of the suspension mounts at the rear of the body was increased 
to support the greater damping force of the new rear dampers

Increased size of the reinforcements for the inside of the bumper section 
strengthens the joint to the body

The cowl has been lengthened on both ends and connected directly to 
stiffeners on the front damper mounts

The numbers of joints between the instrument panel members and body were 
increased to create a stronger, more rigid assembly

The body mounts for the perimeter frame to which the front suspension and 
engine are mounted were strengthened

Reinforcing gussets were added to strengthen the left and right roof rails and 
header sections of the upper body



Body Exterior



Side sills

Rear lip spoiler

Rear bumper with exhaust diffusers

Front fenders

Front bumper with fog lights

Dark fi nish headlight housings

Dark fi nish tail lights

Silver painted brake calipers



Body Interior

Stainless steel scuff plates

Alloy pedals

Front sport seats with longer seat 
bottom and enlarged side bolsters

Unique meter treatment

Unique center console fi nish

Rear seat headrests








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